Defend Your Digital Frontline with Azure DDoS Solution and Microsoft Sentinel

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Cybercriminals are upping their game with DDoS attacks as a multi-tool – taking down systems, extorting and hiding data breaches.

📌Protect your apps with Azure DDoS Protection and Microsoft Sentinel’s new integrated solution.

📌 Block sophisticated attacks, like data theft, with custom alerts and remediation options like Azure Firewall.

📌Stay ahead of the game with our new solution that pinpoints DDoS sources and blocks them from striking again.

📌Upcoming support for Azure WAF adds another layer of protection for web apps.

Want to stay ahead of the game? This is how Azure Firewall and Microsoft Sentinel work together to stop the bad guys.

💥An adversary uses a bad bot to launch a multi-vector attack campaign. He starts by flooding the customer application with a DDoS attack to create havoc, using DDoS as a smokescreen for the next attack vector.

💥Azure DDoS Protection always monitors attacks on the protected resources. When it detects the attack, it emits log signals to Microsoft Sentinel.

💥Microsoft Sentinel derives the attacking source IP addresses from the logs, and triggers Azure Firewall Remediation-IP Playbook.
Azure Firewall is ready to remediate next phases of adversary lifecycle.

💥The adversary, who created a smokescreen with DDoS attack, tries to access resources in the virtual network to still sensitive data.
Azure Firewall blocks the attacking source IP addresses from accessing the data.

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