Defender Digest: Heike Ritter Monthly Newsletter on Microsoft 365 Defender is now live!

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🔥🔥🔥Defender Digest: Heike Ritter Monthly Newsletter on Microsoft 365 Defender is now live!🔥🔥🔥


🛡️Microsoft 365 Defender🛡️

📢Optimize your hunting performance with the new query resources report.
📢Use Microsoft 365 Defender role-based access control (RBAC) to centrally manage user permissions.

🛡️Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps 🛡️

📢Protecting apps that use non-standard ports with Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps.
📢Azure AD identity protection. Azure AD identity protection alerts will arrive directly to Microsoft 365 Defender.

🛡️Microsoft Defender for Endpoint🛡️

📢Released Microsoft Endpoint Manager UX support for Removable storage access control.
📢The Default Enforcement policy of Removable storage access control is design for all Device control features, recently we released Printer Protection, so this policy will cover printer as well. If you create Default Deny policy, and now printer will be blocked in your organization.
📢Use Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Device control.
📢Disconnected environments, proxies and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.
📢Live Response is now generally available for macOS and Linux.
📢Linux isolation in public preview.

🛡️Microsoft Defender for Identity🛡️

📢Defender for Identity data centers are now also deployed in the Australia East region.

🛡️Microsoft Defender for Office 365🛡️

📢The new Microsoft 365 Defender role-based access control (RBAC) model, with support for Microsoft Defender for Office, is now available in public preview.
📢Use the built-in Report button in Outlook on the web.

🛡️Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management🛡️

📢Leverage advanced hunting to better understand your discovered devices.
📢Vulnerability assessment of apps on iOS devices is now generally available.

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