Simplify Security Administration: Microsoft Defender on Windows Server with Intune

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🔥Simplify Security Administration: Microsoft Defender on Windows Server with Intune🔥


On-premises environment which cannot be moved to the cloud


✔️While legacy management options like Active Directory GPOs and Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (SCCM) are still viable options, they may not be the most agile solutions.

❗These tools can be difficult to implement Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for Segregation of Duties requirements.”


On-premises environment which can be extended to the cloud


✔️Modern client operating systems like Windows 10 and Windows 11 offer the option to use Microsoft Intune in both cloud-only or co-management configurations. In a cloud-only setup, policies are created on the cloud and targeted to cloud-managed devices.

✔️Co-management configuration takes it a step further by integrating Intune with Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager. This integration allows for the management of endpoint security workloads to be transferred to Intune


Managing AV on servers.


✔️For AV management of Servers, we can use Configuration Manager with two different configuration options. For the customers that are working on-premises only, Configuration Manager can be used together with Group policy objects just like they can be used for client management.

✔️For customers using or planning to use cloud services; another integration between Configuration Manager and Intune is available to simplify management, which can be used to manage Microsoft Defender as well. That configuration is called “Tenant Attach”. Tenant Attach helps to “view” the resources that are managed by Configuration Manager via Intune.

📃To view configuration instructions step-by-step, follow this link:

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