Workshop: Microsoft 365 Security Master Class: the Ongoing Battle to Improve Security.

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Come join us at The MGM Grand Las Vegas, NV on the 30th of April in our workshop hosted by The Microsoft 365 Conference.

🛡️Microsoft 365 Security Master Class: the Ongoing Battle to Improve Security🛡️

During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn how to secure your tenant according to best practices from CISA, NCSC, and Microsoft. Jon Jarvis, Luke Evans, Nathan Hutchinson and José Lázaro Pinos will share their broad experience and guide you through the process of configuring your tenant for maximum security. This workshop will be interactive, allowing you to ask questions and engage with the material.

💡Key learning points:

This workshop will cover three main technical areas, including work in M365, Azure Active Directory, and Microsoft Sentinel.

📝Learn the end-to-end Microsoft security story.

📝Understand how to set security goals and a security strategy.

📝 Dive into configuration and tooling options in M365.

📝Learn tips on to stay up to date with the constant changes.

📝Secure an M365 tenant to CISA, NCSC, and Microsoft best practices.

📝Set up a best-practice Microsoft Sentinel tenant.

📝Identify real threats and produce security findings and recommendations reports.

📝Create and deliver a summary of your report.

✔️Registration link:

✔️Workshop link:!/workshop/


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